Technology Initiatives’s priority project is the Atrocity Watch Initiative (AWI). The goal of the AWI is to establish a global big data and mobile-enabled solution that provides a dedicated and trustworthy communication system in instances of large-scale violence, armed conflict, and emergency situations. is working to build AWI into a gold standard of humanitarian crisis and emergency reporting, generating impartial reports for use by individuals who may face an imminent risk or violence, as well as for use by governments, NGOs, and other potential intervening actors in order to facilitate the informed and timely delivery of information on emerging humanitarian threats. plans to provide reports and alerts generated by the AWI solution to its users and members of the humanitarian community. In addition to the AWI solution,’s long-term goal is to create a “Humanitarian-Cloud,” where we provide the necessary mobile application, data analytics, and hosting capabilities for the humanitarian and human protection communities.

We want to give these communities access to Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities, with all of the necessary features, such as user anonymity, and cybersecurity and data-protection capabilities for individuals creating humanitarian information technology applications. is striving to nurture the humanitarian technology community, and is working to make the information technology services that we use for our AWI solution available to others who want to build collaborative humanitarian technology solutions, applications, and components that supplement the AWI solution.